Monday, January 16, 2012

"Yes, I hate Monday".

Hi.. Assalammualaikum :)

Good Morning peeps.. 

Hallo, I'm back after I took MC for a 3 days . Its Monday, as you all know, I hate Monday so much!!!
Since, I on MC last week, Nothing different.. Still the same.. I don't know why, now I'm so boring with my job :(
Maybe now I need to find another job yang boleh membuatkan saya happy.. Hurmm :(
But now memang susah nak cari kerja..

Before this, I worked in Shahrizat Rashid & Lee, Advocates & Solicitors.. Its a Legal Firm.. Seriously, when I worked there, I'm happy because I've a friends *a lot and my BFF also working there..
But here?? Hurmmm..I'm alone.. You know what I feel?? #Damn it..~

Yaa, now it's a time to improve myself to be a better, better, better person.. 

I just wanna be happy what I do -,-"

Lots of Love
Fia Aznam Roses

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