Thursday, April 26, 2012

"Seriously, I get jealous"

Hi.. Assalammualaukum :)

Good day everyone's :) 

I'm definitely a Blackberry girl but I have to admit I get jealous when I see all of the Instagram picture to who's was used it.. 
They look so cool and an awesome!!! I hope that I can use the Instagram in my Blackberry.. LOL..

Here a few picture's from the Instagram :)

Ehh.. Alamak! Oopsie..
 Tersalah picture pulak.. These is NOT a Instagram picture :) 
Ini PicMix je.. Boleh download di Blacberry ya.. Sobs ): 
*Sedih mak..~~

Yaaa, these a from the Instagram :)
See? look very nice kan!..

So! how come you cannot get jealous when see all of these picture from the Instagram!?

p/s : Bila agaknya dapat pakai Galaxy Note nie??

Lots of Love
Fia Aznam Rose

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