Monday, January 30, 2012

"Perisik for Merisik.. Ahaks!"

Hi.. Assalammualaikum :)

Last week I didn't update my blog.. So pity :)
So this week will update as much I want to story about... LOL.!

Okay, let me started with myself..

Now, I'm planning to engage with my lovely boy.. Yes! I'm ready.. And as you'll know, I met his family already :) Yippie.. So, now time to thinking and planning about the future.. Seriously I'm so excited..

And for this week I'm waiting for his family to come to my house for 'merisik'.. Ahakss.. InsyaAllah :)
I'm felt like my jantung macam nak gugur.. Huhu..
I don't know what their will talking about.. Ouchh.. Nervous.. *Kena cover cun neh".. Heheh -,-"

Actually, we planning to engage this November.. But my dad want us to awal kan our engagement. LOL..
His excited I think.. Huhu :) Yelaa, his first child nak getting engage kan.. So, no wonder lah his nak kami awal kan the engagement..

So, now I'm waiting the *families-to-be to come to my house for discuss about the future..
InsyaAllah.. Amin :)

Hope that we plan to be realized.. InsyaAllah :) 
Banyak-banyakkan sembahyang dan berdoa.. 

Lots of Love
Fia Aznam Roses


Lizzie Chuckguire said...

wow!congrats bebeh!~

let me know when is the big date so i can book my calendar. hihi

Fia Aznam said...

Wohooo ":) Thanks my darling..

I think around this May lah.. End of May.. InsyaAllah :)