Thursday, March 22, 2012

"How to Relieve/Release Stress".

Hi.. Assalammualaikum :)

Sorry guys..
I've been busy lately.. A loads of work I need to settled up and I'm the only one who in-charge the reception.. Dang! Seriously, I'm tired.. Sometimes, I feel like.. Grrrr!!
Rasa nak maki-hamun pon ada.. But, be patient Fatin..

And now.. I'm so stressed out! I'm stressed with my work, with annoying people.. Daaa..~
Why not you just be nice to me and I'll be nice to you too.. #LOL..

Okay, here I wanted to sharing with all of you, how can I relieve and release my stressed..

Pray, pray and pray to Allah S.W.T
- Prayer and pray to Allah S.W.T is the best and the good way if you want to release / relieve stressed..
InsyaAllah.. Allah S.W.T always by my side and helped us..

Foods (Chocolate/Ice-Cream/Cake)
- Actually, I am who likes to eat.. Seriously, I'm so enjoying when I eat that I want to eat.. Yummiehh!
Then, when I stressed, I likes to eat something 'sweet'.. Sweet foods can make me happy.. Like Chocolate, Ice-cream, cakes or Donuts.. Wohoaaa -,-"

Shopping or Window Shopping
- Shopping is one of my hobby when I have money.. HAHAH ~~

Listening the kind of music that I like
- Sometimes, when we listen to music while we so stressed, that there can help us to release/relieve our stressed.. SERIOUS! You should try.. But, depend what kind of music you're listening.. Teheee -,-"

Having a short vacation
- A short vacation also can make me happy and also can release the stressed out.. We should having fun with ourselves.. Just enjoy ourselves when having a short vacation..

Oraite, that is my action when I'm stressed.. And tomorrow I'll be on leave.. Wohoaaa..
I'll go for a short vacation.. Because currently I'm quite stressed.. And I'll see you guys and updating more next week.. Dadaa.. 

Okbai.. As'salam -,-" 

Lots of Love
Fia Aznam Roses

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