Tuesday, January 04, 2011

"He's Mine".!!

Hallo, Salam :)

  • His name, Mohd Hazrin Bin Hussin.
  • He younger than me. 
  • He call me "baby".
  • He cares about me.
  • I think he cute. Do you think? Hahah.!! Whatsoever la.
  • He so sweet. for me. ":)
  • He is a good friend.
  • He always make me happy in my life.
  • He always give / buy me something whatever I want whatever i need.
  • He laughs at my jokes.
  • We love to eat ":) That why I love him.
  • He makes me feel special.
  • He tells me to take care of myself.
  • He always obey what I say.
  • He is the one and only.
  • He makes me smile every time I talk to him.
  • He said, i'm a beautiful ladies. even though i'm fatty. Hhahaa.
  • He always tells me how much he misses me.
  • He always tells me how much he love me. I KNOW DARLING ":)
  • He lets me share my happy and sad news with him.
  • He makes me feel comfortable.
  • He is a nice person but sometimes he offensive my heart. BUT, It's OK.
  • He is a forgiving person.
  • He always reply my sms even though he quite busy.
  • He said, I'm the only one in his heart.
  • He makes me feel in love in every time, everywhere, and everything.
  • He was always there for me when i need him.
  • He always beside me.
  • He talks to me as if I were his responsibility.
  • He never forgets a thing about me.
  • We like brother and sister.
  • We like a friends, sometimes.
  • We kind of always fighting spoiled dogs and cats.
  • HE IS MY MAN.!!!

Hati sedang berbunga-bunga bak taman bunga.!!
Hahahah ~,~

In love,
Fia Aznam Roses.

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