Friday, February 10, 2012

"Where to go for a short vacation.?"

Hi.. Assalammualaikum :) 

It's Friday already and now I am thinking that I should take leave and go for a short vacation..
Seriously, I'm tired with all I've done now..

But for a short vacation, where should I go? Hurmm..
And most importantly without a lots of money, just for release tension and relax.. The beach.. The island? Probably.. But where? 

Haishh.. Where should I go peeps? I've no idea now.. 
How bout Morib? I've never been there.. 

Morib beach, located along the Selangor coast way is only 15 minutes driving distance from Banting. It may not have a beautiful beach, but Morib is definitely a nice place for weekend getaway..

Yes, I'll be there, InsyaAllah :) 

Lots of Love
Fia Aznam Roses

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